About Me

A little about me...well let's start from the beginning, shall we?

I grew up in a little small town in CA. I lived the small town life, where everyone knows everyone and there was 1 grocery store, and 1 stop light. After high school I jumped around until I ended up at BYU.

I graduated from BYU in 2004 with a degree in Public Health. At this point all I really wanted to do was get married, but since the option wasn't available I went to work. I worked for UCLA for one year and ended up meeting a handsome hunk from Texas on ldssingles.com. We were married 6 months later and moved to Texas so he could finish his education at UT. I worked as a Cancer Information Specialist for 2 years at the American Cancer Society. We had our first baby during our stay in Texas, a girl... which brings us to the bows.

In 2005 we moved back to my little home town and I started making hair bows, it seamed like a great business. I sold them on etsy and at farmers markets for a few years. With the onset of my second pregnancy I thought I might throw up if I saw a bow. (Probably because the baby was a boy!:) I stopped for a long time and missed it. I missed the creativity, the cuteness and my darling little girl was seriously lacking in the bow department. This time around I have extended far beyond just bows and now make hair accessories for all ages.

I love creativity. If I can take something I already own and make it into a gift, a toy, or home decor it makes me very happy. Which is why I also make and sell vinyl wall writing and invitations. I am always searching for ways to be a more clever and inventive.

My love for crafts and creativity has been handed down for generations. My great grand-mother was a beautiful quilter and hand made all of her clothing. She taught my mother this art and many other crafts. Durning my childhood I was always watching or helping my mom sew clothing, painting, and cross stitching. There was never a time I can remember when we were not making something "home-made." Then my mom bought a flower shop and employed me. I fell in love with floristry. I still work for her on special occasions and design her window every few months.

I am also blessed to be a wife and a mother. This rewarding indeavor keeps me on my toes. Motherhood to me means always finding better ways to better teach, show and help them grow. I love kids crafts, recipes, play ideas, and ways to keep them healthy. They are my dearest possesions. Making my time with them at home priceless is my constant pursute.

I hope you enjoy seeing, learning, and sharing some of my creativity.