- JANUARY 2011-

Hi Friends!
This month I wanted to pick something to give away that would really spark your interest. I love these and hope you do too. OSTRICH PUFF CLIPS! They can be worn by babies on headbands, toddlers alone in the hair, on any of my hats/beanies, or even on your favorite sweater. The price will be 5.50 for one clip. But one lucky person will get one free. Each puff has an alligator clip with teeth on the back, and they will be available in the four colors shown below.

Here is the catch...if you want to be entered to win a free puff (your choice of color) you have to do one of the following.

1) Become a follower on the Potpourri Patch on Facebook.
2) Become a follower of Potpourri Patch blog.
3) If you have already completed both of the above. Please find a friend to become a follower of either Facebook or my blog.

To make sure you are entered to win please post a comment with your first name or your friends on this post. Best of luck!

 -NOVEMBER 2010-
This months challenge is a little more difficult than be entered to win your choice of my new "Fancy Baby Bows" you must become a follower of my blog and recruit one friend to become a follower as well. You and your friend will each win a bow!!!

You can become a follower of my blog by clicking "FOLLOW" on the left side column. You may follow privately or publicly whichever you choose. Once you do this don't forget to invite a friend. It will give you that option in the steps. After you have recruited a friend post your name and your friends in the comment section so I can track who you recruited!

Here are your choices for colors of my "Fancy Baby Bows" that you will be able to choose from if you win!!! Good Luck.

-OCTOBER 2010-
- I will be having a drawing every month for friends and followers to WIN a FREE bow. The GIVE AWAY bow for this month is one of my new Tres Fancy Satin Bows. It isn't always going to be as easy as commenting on the blog, some months you may have to answer trivia, or invite friends to become followers, but for this month I am going to make it simple...just comment on this post to be entered! I will randomly select a winner at the end of the month and ship you your new bow right to your door. Simple as that. Good luck.