Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall into Flowers

Coming soon to my ETSY website! Fall rag flowers!

I think these flowers will be around for a while. At least for the fall. I love this creation. I was able to add my own flare to each one. I decided to name each set after my favorite fall items... leaves, pumpkins and sunflowers. These couldn't be a more perfect addition to your fall collection.

This is the best part, the clips are each separate. They are each fastened to an alligator clip with teeth, which can then be attached to a hat, a headband, a beanie, your hair and even a shirt. I wore won the other day attached to a sweater and it looked so cute. At least I think it did ;)! Each has a soft felt back, which won't scratch or irritate. So, they are perfect for any age, (even mommies.) I will soon be selling more hats, beanies and check back for more items to attach these beautiful clips to.


  1. Ok, you are seriously going to make me go broke. I want one each please.

  2. Oh Mimi. Just wait there are more where those came from. I can't stop I am addicted. But, just wait for Christmas;)